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Colorado has the nation’s most effective, vibrant and innovative nonprofit community that is essential to the quality of life in our state.

Core Elements

In 2016, we began implementing our strategic plan, asking our members to join us in achieving a bold vision. This vision is grounded in three core elements – knowledge, influence, network. These elements interconnect to support six goals we plan to achieve over the course of four years.

We strengthen the capacity of nonprofits when:

INFLUENCE | The Association leads adoption and implementation of public policies that strengthen nonprofits and communities.

NETWORK | Nonprofits are less isolated and more connected with each other, and the broader nonprofit community.

正规网上购彩网站 | Nonprofits have increased capacity to meet their missions.


We achieve our vision when nonprofits have capacity in five areas:

ADAPTIVE CAPACITY | Nonprofits monitor, assess, and respond to internal and external changes.

MANAGEMENT CAPACITY | Nonprofits ensure the effective and efficient use of financial and human capital.

TECHNICAL CAPACITY | Nonprofits make an impact through programmatic and resource development, and supportive systems.

LEADERSHIP CAPACITY | Nonprofits have leaders who inspire, engage in advocacy, provide direction and innovate, all in an effort to achieve the organizational mission.

CATALYTIC CAPACITY | Nonprofits advance and advocate for equity within all internal and external systems, including practices, policies, culture, and representation.


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Colorado Nonprofit Association was established in 1986 by a group of nonprofit leaders, to serve as the voice of the nonprofit community and to encourage information exchange among nonprofits.

Our member services evolved as demand grew for administrative and insurance services. Colorado Nonprofit Association’s public policy role expanded in the late 1990s when we became a major influence in the defeat of a property tax amendment that would have been harmful to nonprofits in Colorado.

We continue to enhance and add to our programs and services as the nonprofit sector changes.

Annual Reports

2018 Year in Review and Financial Summary

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2016 Annual Report and Financial Summary

Financial Reports

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2018 IRS 990

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